Pottermore: They’re opening for everyone Ü

After ages of waiting for this day to happen.. It finally arrived. Pottermore was opened to public already! Hooray! I learned it from a Twitter friend who shares the same interest, May Cho. I got so excited that being at work didn’t bother me enough not to register the same day I knew about it. Looked left then right, hoping no one would see me typing an unrelated site at work. Haha! Jaraaaaaannnnnnn..

Before, the sign up link was nowhere to be found, but hey look at that. I followed the instructions to create a profile and little did I knew that the usernames will be provided from the site. I had long thought of the username I wanted to use however I was given the oddest usernames that I would thought of. You will be given 5 usernames to choose from. I chose MistFrog1721 for it was the only one that sounds good to me. The others are just like crazy, I forgot what were those though. There.. registered.

I received this mail confirmation from the email address I registered. My excitement was crashed by this because I need to wait for another email to have full access on the site. Waited.. Waited.. Waited.. but the wait seems ages again so I decided to just check the next day hoping that it would not take long like the website was opened for public use.

I’ve checked early morning the next day and found this email from my box. Finally!  Full access.

This is how it would look like after you logged in on the site. You will be literally in the story itself since the site was based to the actual books. As shown on the homepage, you will be able to relive the adventure for it will let you explore all chapters from each book. Each chapter would have an interesting fact from the author, J. K. Rowling that was never been heard or published before. First hand information at it’s best. See the yellow scribble at the homepage? That’s J. K. Rowling’s signature. Cool ayt? 🙂

I was given my initial funds to shop at Diagon Alley for the things that I needed to get started, I was given a list by the way. See, I’m 500 Galleons richer. Hehe! I really enjoyed shopping for books and magical stuff. First years are permitted to bring along  a pet that you could also buy at Diagon Alley. I was torn between an owl and a cat because Harry have an owl named Hedwig for a pet. I ended up buying a Siamese Cat because I didn’t like the colors of the available owls at Eeylops Owl Emporium. By the way, you will have 3 options for a pet, either an owl, a cat or a toad. Lame part was, there was no option to name your pet.

Next stop was fetching your wand at Ollivanders, this is the most exciting part of shopping for me. Hehe!

Here’s my wand. Ash with Unicorn Core, Nine and Three Quarter Inches 🙂

I’m all set so off to the train station we went. The trip on the Hogwarts Express was fun too, collecting chocolate frog cards and magical books 🙂

This was the most exciting part of the first chapter. Being sorted by the Sorting Hat to a certain house. There were questions that were given to gauge an applicant’s personality as to which house you’ll belong. I was so excited about answering the questions and was nervous about the house I’ll be in.

So there.. I was placed in HufflePuff. Mixed emotions for me, I was really thinking that I would be better off to Gryffindor because of Harry of course. I was reading about my house’s details and I’m pretty sure that I’ll learned to love it on the long run. I’m learning to cast spells and to brew potions already which is the fun part 🙂

This is my current profile 🙂

I would not give specific details on how the website goes anymore for it will be just a spoiler to those who are planning to register. I want them to experience it for themselves of course. The only thing that’s so disappointing about the site is that the only available book to explore is the first book: The Philosopher’s Stone. I bet that it will take ages again for the second book to be available.. but I’m still hoping it wont.