Our Rainy Summer Adventure

My Aunt and Granny just came back from the States so they treated us for an adventure. It was well timed for my rest day at work so we were able to come. The catch is, the weather in the Philippines is so unpredictable. It’s going to be sunny and the next thing you know, it is already raining cats and dogs. The rain was already brewing from up north when we woke up and packed for the trip the morning after we arrived at Olongapo City. We have expected the worst so we won’t be disappointed.

It was already raining a little when we were on our way and it’s kinda cold for a swim but still I’m pretty much excited. There’s a street there that’s named as Manila Avenue huh. 😊

I so love the place! I love being so close to nature once in a while. I took photos the moment we have checked in. Here’s some of the photos I took:

White RockSo here’s the entrance at The White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel, pretty classy right? It’s in Matain, Subic Zambales.

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Being so Girlie this Summer

I love to be on dresses this summer! Those summer dresses that would bring out the extra girl in me. LOL! I grew up with boys so I haven’t really tried to check out some dresses for I am usually in regular tees and jeans. Before, wearing those made me think that my Kuyas will burst into laughter and I’ll end up not wearing girly stuff at all but things are a little different now. Ü

I stumbled upon these summer dresses on Google and these made me think that wearing some would be a great idea specially with this scorching summer heat. I love to be on floral and hassle-free dresses though. Those pieces that I can go anywhere with. From malls to shores basically.

These are my picks for this season. Simple, comfy and cute! I love those v neck designs and I believe those are knee-length too so perfect for ladies on the go like yours truly. Tell me what you think or if you have suggestions as well. Ü

My Top 3 Places For Summer Ü

I’m not pretty sure if I’ll get the chance to get a vacation this summer since work consume most of my time and for such lame reasons.. I can’t get a leave. There.. end of argument so I decided to blog about the places I want to spend my suppose to be summer escapades. Hoping that my fairy Godmother would read this and make my wishes come true. Ü

Aside from the overrated Boracay, I want to explore the Philippines’ wonders of nature so first on my list is Palawan. My friend had her vacation in Dos Palmas Resort last summer, saw the photos she uploaded from her Facebook account and I was like so envy and dying to be there right at that moment. As I read, they have recreational facilities like basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, billiards, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, island hopping and fishing. So it’s like all in one right? I so love those nipa huts that’s situated along shore.

2nd stop would be Camiguin, the island born of fire. I love the fact that it’s like so far away from the urban that it feels like you are kissing nature. I’ve read that they have untouched coastlines and is dotted by hot and cold springs. You can also go trekking volcanoes, explore trails and caves and be mesmerize with majestic waterfalls. This is good for nature trippers like me. Ü

This is one of their cold springs

Hot springs of course..

Panglao Bohol for my number 3. As they quote.. “From sun-kissed hills to underwater wonders to exotic wildlife, Bohol is a tropical sanctuary of natural beauty.” Indeed it is. This is known for diving and tourist resorts. I really want to learn how to dive. I have a friend who once worked in Cayman Island. She learned how to dive there and now I think she’s a licensed diver already. The thought of getting closer to marine life excites me so much. So much for my dream-in-transforming-into-a-mermaid syndrome. Haha!

Those are my 3 top choices to beat the summer heat. I am such a loser to not even had a chance yet to soak this time of the year while everybody had gone already to the beautiful beaches and resorts not only in the Philippines but from other countries as well. Notice that the places I chose for this blog post are places from the Philippines well in fact that I can choose places from outside of my country. Reason is.. I want to explore more of our own wonderful places. As the famous saying goes.. “Wag maging dayuhan sa sarili mong bansa.” I don’t know if I got that correctly but it’s the thought that counts. LOL! So there.. I just wish that Fairy Godmothers do exist so that I can make this happen.

My love for footwear ♥

More addition to my addiction! Had them the last time I visited my parent’s house for my Mom’s birthday. I really don’t have plans in buying any but to my surprised here they are. I’ve been into closed doll shoes lately so I’ve decided to picked those pieces that will show my toes and not to mention my newly pedicured toe nails. Lol! Ü I had them painted in black by the way ♥

This is a semi elegant pair that goes with those smart casual days at the office, plus it makes my feet look fairer. The only problem is that the gartered ankle support fits so tight that it hurts. I don’t know, maybe it’s just new that’s why it does but anyway it looks good so tiis ganda! My feet will get used to it in the long run.

My second pick is likely for summer. This is the next thing for flip-flops when you want to still be classy this summer. I love its floral straps and its light weight so I could walk/run hassle free. Perfect for summer dresses and skirts. The only disadvantage is that since the straps are fabric, rain is a no-no. Well, problem is, no one can predict the weather now. Sunny here, the next thing you know.. It’s raining like hell. I could bring a flip-flop for that matter. If you want to check some of my footwear from previous posts. Here’s the list..

Great Buys

Shoes.. Shoes..