Coffee and Adele for the Soul

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, woke up at two in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Literally on walking dead mode, plus the fact that I need to be at work at eight sharp. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Drag myself. Dragging myself. Dragged myself.

I’m not blonde, but that pretty much how I look like now minus the dirt of course.

I put on a dress, some blush on my cheeks and lip tint to hide the zombie aura that I’m rocking. Even had my hair on braids so it won’t stick up (Note: I’ve showered. Period.). I’ve fallen a sleep while I’m on my way. Really hoping that I’m not drooling while asleep and that my mouth didn’t hang open. That somehow there are no random guy who took my photo and posted it on his Instagram for fun. That would be epic and way embarrassing.

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20 reasons? Yeah.

I was thinking what to name this blog post when I first started typing the words from the first sentence for I’m not pretty sure what to feel. When I first heard about this video from friends who were talking about it, I feel so awful. How could somebody say such? Maybe I’m just being so defensive about this. I couldn’t blame him for saying those because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and freedom of speech is overrated nowadays. Somehow I feel that everything on this video is true, actually not somehow.. All of them are true. Sadly, yeah. I just can’t explain why someone could document such a sensitive issue like this. I feel like he is being racist in some parts. All countries I believe, have something in them that’s not cool. I’m pretty sure that I would be stoned to death if I’ll document something bad about US. I know a lot of things about the people out there and how they live their lives like everyday cause I’m working on a call center. Talking to them everyday gave me this view of their way of living so I could really document something about them too however I have this “manners” that I can’t just go out there talking shit about people, about their lives and how they live it. It’s just so unfair! How can we like, us Filipinos, redeem ourselves if there is one guy out there who’s spreading shitty things about our country. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair. I can’t explain how I feel about this, for real. I’m almost teary-eyed when I finished watching the video. Maybe we could do something about it. Maybe.. In the future.. But I hope as soon as possible..

I stumbled upon this article in Yahoo while browsing for current events and just for the title of this article, I knew that this would be their initial reaction: DOT slams expat’s ‘why I dislike PH’ video. I agree about the thought of the article knowing that yes, aside from this guy’s 20 reasons why he dislike the Philippines.. We do have hundreds or maybe thousands of reason why we love it to back this up.

Check this link to watch the video:

20 Reasons Why I dislike the Philippines