Book Blogger Hop: May 22nd-28th

This is from Billy of Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

Question of the WeekWhy would you stop reading a book? Too long, wrong genre, bad language,
not what you expected, or something totally different?

My Answer

Hmm.. I usually give a book a chance. There were times before that I ended up really frustrated about a book and really thought of not continuing, but I still did. In my entire reading history, I only recall two books that I did not finish. One is Shatter Me. A lot loved the book and when I say “a lot” I mean a great deal really. I’m not saying the book is not good. I really can’t say that since yeah, I didn’t finish it. It would be unfair. I think I’ve read half the book and still didn’t feel the connection. Like I’m not pulled in. A lot has happened and I’m there reading, wondering why I can’t feel anything about the whole stuff. Then, eventually lost interest. Same goes with City of Stairs. See when you’re reading a book, you’ll feel this connection and the need to read more. There were awful books that I’ve read before, but they’ve pulled me right in. Perhaps the reason they’re awful was because of a lame ending or characters. Still. I was pulled. Not the case for those two books that I didn’t finish. No connection at all.


15 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: May 22nd-28th

  1. You make some excellent points. Such a bummer though, because I kid you not, I just placed Shatter Me on my TBR. What do you think it was? The writing style? Hallow character development? Lack of world building?

    • No offense to Mr. Grey’s fans but I never thought of reading that series. It’s not for me. Lol! I’ll be following you back. Thanks for following! Join my Birthday Giveaway by the way, link’s on the side bar 😀

  2. I end up not finishing a lot of books. As much as I hate that – I know there are so many amazing books out there, that I don’t want to force myself to read through something I’m not enjoying. I do give at least 40-50 pages.

    Brooke at Brooke Blogs

  3. OHMYGOSH, I hated Shatter Me! I have no idea why people like it! It’s 99.9% bad romance and 0.1% world building and character development. Actually, no character development. Nyze, if you love yourself, don’t read Shatter Me!

    Okay, that sounded a bit harsh but I can’t help it! Anyway, great post! I haven’t DNFed a book yet but multiple times I wanted to.

    here’s my post!

    • Haha! I can’t say anything about Shatter me since I didn’t finish it, but I think I would agree with no character development. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to read it again anytime soon. Good for you that you’ve finished all your reads. Thanks for dropping by ♥

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