Nyze’s Happy Tummy #6

Nyze's Happy TummyWelcome to the newest content of my blog!
This will mostly include Filipino dishes and everything I’ve set my spoon and fork on
so be prepared to get hungry and drool! 😀
TARA KAIN! (Come on. Let’s eat!)

I’ve gone through a stressful week from work
and what else could have lighten one’s mood other than desserts?
Stressed is Desserts spelt backwards anyway. 😉

Cassave Cake and Ube Kalamay

Cassava Cake is one of the most popular and enjoyed delicacies or Kakanin in the Philippines. It is made from grated cassava (Kamoteng Kahoy) mixed with coconut milk, eggs, butter
and topped with a creamy milk mixture.
Kalamay or Calamay is a sticky sweet snack/dessert delicacy. It is made out of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar usually palm or brown sugar.


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