Being in a Call Center is not as easy as ABC..

Working in a call center is pretty tough though some say that it’s just answering calls and sitting all night. I personally work in a call center and it’s not an easy job seriously. Some people are considering call center jobs as a waste of diplomas especially if you graduated on a reputable university with a bachelor degree. Let’s face it.. not everybody practice what they have taken in college. People go where they can find greener pasture. Yes, it’s literally answering calls but there are certain things that are out of an ordinary office job. On a normal day job, you wake up early in the morning, eat your breakfast, hassle yourself being stuck in traffic, sit on your desk, finish reports and sort out documents, report to your boss, logged out at 5pm, hassle yourself in traffic again on your way home, eat your dinner then go to sleep and you will be doing the same routine.. e v e r y d a y..

As for us, call center agents, it’s a totally different world. Aside from the fact that we usually go to work in the middle of the night where we are vulnerable to be mugged especially for us girls, there are a lot to worry about like transportation, schedule shifting etc. A typical day in a call center agents’ life starts with waking up at night and feeling so lazy because everybody is preparing to sleep and we need to be on our toes. We’ll skip are so-called “breakfast” because it’ll cause us to be more sleepy and lazy when we get so full so we’ll have coffee instead to perk us up. Some preferred coffee and cigarette (like me! yeah.. bad Ü). Shifting schedule is a pain in the a**! Today, you’ll be on a 7pm to 4am schedule and the next thing you knew.. you’ll be on a 5pm to 2am schedule. Sometimes I wonder that if my body clock can talk, he’ll be cursing me for this. We can’t really set our travelling time due to the erratic change of schedule and we need to adapt to sudden changes the last minute. That’s how difficult it is! I remember my Dad telling me that he’s not seeing me more often anymore because I’m usually asleep when he’s home and I’m already at work when he got home.

Going to work is a different story.. Since it’s the middle of the night, we need to be more cautious of our surroundings. The places we walk to, the people we shares seats with etc. We can’t just think that everybody is an angel at this time of the day. Like we all know most of the dark elements dwell at night (I’m not talking about vampires and monsters here FYI! LOL!).

Food. Yeah.. Most of the restaurants at this hour are closed and we have to bear with convenience stores (aka unhealthy food)! You’re lucky if you do have a Mom or a wife that would packed lunch for you or there’s McDonald’s nearby. Otherwise, you’ll have to make the most out of the nearest convenience stores. After lunch, most of call center agents are all group up on a parking lot or just in front of the building smoking (unhealthy food and smoking so we will die young. Haha!) It’s our way also to breathe out stress from complicated calls and bosses so it’s really necessary for us to smoke. It’s very rare for you to know a call center agent that doesn’t smoke. I mean not all but most of us do.

Then here comes the sunshine and it’s a sign that our day will come to its wrap where we will all go home and sleep like vampires. So it’s more likely that eyebag is one prominent feature of a call center agent. The dilemma: while everybody’s so fresh in the morning, we’re like so tired and burnt out looking already. Sunglasses on and mostly half sleeping on our way home but that’s not always the case because we tend to stroll malls and have drinking sessions after our night shifts. We are so thankful that there are bars and drinking joints that are open so early in the morning like they were made for us. Yes.. having a booze early in the morning! It’s like we’re living in a different world or time zone if I may say. It’s unlikely to see a person that’s drunk as early as 7 in the morning right? Haha!

See.. this job is never easy as people say it is. Well, I’m used to all of this already. Aside from the fact that we are compensated more than day jobs could give an employee. That fact is more than enough for me to love my job. Ü


  • Finished an actual university course that’s far from work’s nature
  • The essential call center agent symbol: the deep eye bags
  • Can mimik any American accent from any American region
  • Knows nothing about the latest news and current events but is aware of all Holywood rumors.
  • The more abubot (radio, MP3 player, camera, nail cutter.. whatever) integrated in the cell phone is better
  • Lost his sense of time the moment training began
  • “Fashionably rugged” is the direct translation of the “smart/casual” dress code
  • Has forgotten what an actual traffic jam looks like and how it feels like to sit through one.
  • For a tropical country, jackets are now fashionably necessary; lamig eh! Ü
  • Have gone obese because of lack of exercise and the natural abundance of food in the office pantry
  • Coffee reigns as king.
  • Not younger than 19 but not older than 30.

Found this on Facebook, it’s really funny because it clearly shows on how you can spot a call center agent when you came across one. The captions are not so clear on this photo so I had it listed. Hehe! Ü


Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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