A Food way to celebrate!

Alie’s growing too fast.. Too fast I can’t imagine him having girlfriends already.

We celebrated his 10th birthday and initially we planned to go out for a movie but it turned out as a pig out day since we ate a lot.. seriously! Hubby, Alie and I were arguing which place to go to for dinner that night but Alie and I won! Haha! We wanted some pasta, chicken and pizza! Ü

We headed off to Robinsons Ermita located at Pedro Gil corner Adriatico St., which was the nearest from our place aside from SM Manila. We chose it over the latter since Robinsons would be a bigger place to explore.

Greenwhich it is! Great food that will be good for the budget as well Ü

We ordered spaghetti with Fried Chicken and rice..

and All meat and Cheese pizza Ü

We were so full and I was surprised that Alie was able to eat everything because he used to be so picky when it comes to food. I was thinking about dessert and found ourselves on our favorite ice cream parlor!

Hello Dairy Queen!  Ü

Hubby and Alie go for Oreo Blizzard

While I had the M&M’s Blizzard ♥

After the big dinner we had, the boys played at the World’s of Fun and had so much fun. Truly a memorable day for the 3 of us. More birthdays to come for our pumpkin pie! We love you ♥

Note: Photos were not mine, searched them via Google. I was not able to bring a camera with me. Super lame!

Penny for your thoughts? Ü

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